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  • commented 2018-01-13 11:28:04 +0000
    Will there be an organised Scientists for EU Group at the March for Europe on 23 June this year? I wore my T-shirt with pride last year but it would be higher profile if we could meet up and march as a group. Could this be done through a FB group?
  • commented 2017-12-26 12:06:06 +0000
    Hi, I would like your permission please to reproduce Rob’s article ‘Why do you want to Remain? 2017’ on my web site https://ourEU.UK. This is a really useful summary of key arguments for non-scientists as well as scientists. I would, of course, credit you appropriately. Please let me know if this is OK. Many thanks, Cliff
  • commented 2017-12-24 01:03:45 +0000
    Trying to understand why you want Great Britain and Northern Ireland to stay in the EU?
  • commented 2017-12-22 18:34:21 +0000
    Dear Organization,we are perishing in our country! I am writing you from the capital of Hungary,the country from central Europe,which has being transformed into fascistic country,now the country is being ruled by party FIDESZ-fascistic party,and on the secondth place of popularity is JOBBIK-openly fascistic party with open fascistic marches on the streets! The leader of jobbik brings up young insane aggressive fascists-with them he planning to create a future in Hungary and take care of old fascists,they only worthy to have high pension and eat chocolate.As for ruling party,they consider any foreigner unworthy to live in the country,because all foreign is evil for them,even if you are educated European-you are foreigner,you are not Hungarian! Both these 2 parties take care very much of remaining “native Hungarian nationality”,but who are “native Hungarians“ now-stupid,uneducated crowd,able to repeat like parrots these fascistics slogans about their superiority,which don’t want to study and most of them now live very good,because they do criminal. I feel shame for them,but they are not ashamed for themselves,they think,thea are doing everything right!.We are Hungarians too,but we are educated and law-abiding family and now it became unbearable to live in our country,because of this stupidity and hot bed for all kinds of criminal! We are suffering for 3 years because of 20-year-old fascistic drug seller with his night debouches with other hooligans,which dwelled illegally in the flat above us,we called police for many times at nights and wrote about it to authorities,but it is all the same for them,they are fascists themselves.And because of the inaction, this drug seller,our neighbour July 23 attacked and severly beaten my disabled mother and me,trying to cause deadly trauma to us shouting : For party! Moreover,we have to pay for medical examination for our beating! Now my father,the only bead winner,risking his life twice a day going to and coming back from his job.Now we are in mortal danger,because it is very likely he will kill us all in our doorway with other like him,he always brings other mobsters with him to the flat.and with all this,we can not buy self-defence items legally! Please,help to stop it,because the authorities tryind to eliminate all educated and disabled in Hungary! Should it be in central Europe in 21 century?

    Please,help! Its unbearable to perish in peaceful time!

    Kristina Regoczi
  • commented 2017-12-15 13:59:51 +0000
    Good afternoon,

    I work for the CNN Paris bureau, and we’re thinking of running a story about British scientists moving to France after Brexit, especially in light of Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Make our Planet great again’ push. Would we be able to discuss this topic with you?

    All the best,

  • commented 2017-11-16 17:40:18 +0000
    Dear Mike

    I writing a story on the EU’s plans for higher education in 2025.

    Some quite interesting ideas of having a ‘Sorbonne process’, replacing the Bologna Process, to ensure mutual recognition of qualifications, study abroad etc; putting student info on an EU Student eCard allowing cross-continent access to course materials, libraries, etc and perhaps doubling number of students participating in Erasmus;

    I’m hoping to build this into an analysis of where EU is going with HE compared to the UK. In short – the EU moves onto the next big step in higher education integration, but leaves the UK behind (note our absence from the map,!).

    Here are the proposals – Wondered if you could offer a bit of comment on why the UK needs to be part of this – rather than retreating back into its island mentality. Could we take part in all of this while outside the EU – Bologna isn’t officially an EU scheme after all.

    Bit outside your normal beat, but seems like some quite exciting stuff happening that we are now outside of, so would be good to get your view – could you pen a few lines

    Best wishes,

    Jack Grove

    Times Higher Education
  • commented 2017-11-16 10:51:07 +0000
    I think Scientists for EU would benefit from looking at how direct democratic control of constitutional change has worked well in New Zealand.

    The problem with the referendum result was not the people voting, but the design of the referendum. New Zealand went through a big constitutional change in th 80s. They had a referendum on whether to change (“yes” won), then a consultation period to define options for what to change to, then a further referendum on which system to adopt. That’s three stages. We in the UK, in our electoral system and EU referenda, have done the first of the three stages only.

    I don’t like to feel inferior to the Kiwis. They regularly pop up and thrash us at all kinds of sports, and I don’t see why they should also beat us at democracy. Please could you campaign for stages two and three to be added on to the stage one EU vote, in the interests of national pride.
  • commented 2017-11-02 11:11:01 +0000
    Enquiry from Office of Tony Blair regarding impact of Brexit on NHS as well as Science Research
  • commented 2017-10-31 16:45:18 +0000
    Seeking your help raising issue of scam / predatory conferences.

    As covered in Times Higher Education, Talk Radio, Die Zeit, New York Times.
  • commented 2017-10-27 18:25:55 +0100
  • commented 2017-10-27 10:17:07 +0100
    Stratford for Europe is one of a number of pro EU local Midlands groups who now meet regularly to share ideas and maximise our impact. Do you have any groups and/or members in the greater Midlands area? If so, we would wish to extend an invitation to them to join us.
  • commented 2017-10-27 10:14:21 +0100
    Remoaning sum – I’ve reported you to the Daily Mail using their

    They’re collecting a list of people, like you, who go abusing their positions by tweeting remain lies. Take a look at
  • commented 2017-10-11 10:17:35 +0100
    Just wanted to bring to your attention that there is a petition on the ‘Petition Parliament’ website calling on the government to make public the Brexit impact reports they commissioned. The fact that the Government has made no moves to make public these reports is very worrying – what are they afraid of? Link to petition:-
  • commented 2017-10-10 10:58:14 +0100

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    Best Regards

  • commented 2017-09-30 22:09:23 +0100
    There needs to be a new all encompassing organisation created. One which will be easily recognised as the one voice for everyone who believes that we are better off within the EU. The government are able to quote figures of how many voted for pro-Brexit parties – that is because, apart from the Lib Dems, who many see as unelectable, there was no viable alternative.

    What was/is UKIP? It wasn’t a true party; one who truly reflected the political agenda of a portion of the population beyond the immigration agenda. What it represented was a cross party group of individuals who wanted foreigners out. Modern politics does not mirror our current political system. The referendum showed three things; the power of spin, the positive of ‘one person one vote’, and that a view can cross party lines.

    Modern society is not defined as Tory or Socialist any more. Our society is not made up of Upper/Middle Classes and Workers any more. Parliament will need to reflect this going forward. I doubt we will ever see a majority government again. Tomorrow’s party in Manchester is a wonderful example of Labour, Lib Dem, Scientist, Entertainer…. all having the same drive, the same opinion and the same wish. We need a Democratic Alliance, an anti-UKIP, to which we can all hang our common views; who can be a common source for a common viewpoint. This is what made UKIP a success and this is why they are failing now. They had one purpose, not an ongoing political agenda, and that purpose is spent.
  • commented 2017-09-27 14:47:47 +0100
    Is there a back-up plan? If it really looks as if there is going to be no stopping this Brexit, would we be then campaigning really hard to stay in the customs union/ free trade area at least? I put this together over the weekend. It was mainly for me to let off steam. I posted it in a couple of places and got a few likes but I don’t think I hit on the main traffic thoroughfares – please anyone – feel free to use it if you think it’s any good: It called Brexit Lament: September 2016 …. We should be carefully contemplating just how much we are willing to sacrifice in terms of economic opportunity for exactly what political gains. What other consequences might there be? – already there is talk of NHS staff shortages if we chase away EU citizens. As far as I can see there has been no serious attempt to understand the various trade-offs in the different Brexit scenarios. It is because MPs think the people won’t be able to understand the different choices well enough and also because they (the politicians) don’t really understand it themselves. Yes this may be the appalling truth of the matter – our politicians don’t actually understand Brexit and they are not even able to fall back on their usual ideological mantras because the politics of Brexit is not even on the old left/ right spectrum. There is a nationalist/ globalist spectrum – also there is regulation versus regulation-free spectrum. Don’t forget to throw into the mix the various positions on labour rights and environmental protection. It is no wonder that nobody has a clue where anybody stands on anything. The only ones with any firm stand are those who can see an obvious quick financial gain from Brexit and the tabloids who always make money when they are stirring things up. Is there anyone who is actually telling the truth about anything? The politicians themselves don’t understand and as far as I can see nobody has made any serious attempt to get on top of this. Surely it is their job to make it clear to the electorate what the choices are and what are the costs and benefits of each choice. Both Tories and Labour are split down the middle – noone has a clue – it’s a complete fiasco. We don’t even know whether the EU are going to agree to us having a transition period and in the meantime we don’t even know what we are transitioning to in this period (even if we get it). Oh my God – the more I thing about it the more I just want to sail off to an island far off in the Ocean and live the simple life of a fisherman without any TV, no internet, no newspapers and no mobile phone.
  • commented 2017-09-20 15:08:36 +0100

    I’m contacting you on behalf on Renew, an emerging pro-European, UK political party formed with the central goal of opposing Brexit.

    To be brief, we are looking for 100 people who would potentially consider standing as candidates for Renew in forthcoming local and/or national elections.

    We would love to get our message out to your membership, please let us know your thoughts on this.

    Our details are below.

    YouTube Channel

    Kind Regards,

    James Stuart Clarke
  • commented 2017-09-20 09:48:23 +0100
  • commented 2017-08-28 11:40:11 +0100

    1997 – 48,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Ayr (population 48,000)

    1998 – 140,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Bolton (population 140,300)

    1999 – 163,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Oxford (population 164,000)

    2000 – 158,000 The equivalent of a town larger than Blackpool (population 152,000)

    2001 – 171,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Bournemouth (population 168,000)

    2002 – 153,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Dundee (population 151,300)

    2003 – 148,000 The equivalent of a city the size of York (population 148,300)

    2004 – 245,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Derby (population 247,500)

    2005 – 206,000 The equivalent of a city larger than Newcastle (population 200,200)

    2006 – 198,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Northampton (population 199,900)

    2007 – 233,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Reading (population 236,900)

    2008 – 163,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Oxford (population 164,000)

    2009 – 198,000 The equivalent of a town the size of Northampton (population 199,900)

    2010 – 252,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Southampton (population 252,700)

    2011 – 242,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Plymouth (population 240,000)

    2012 – 177,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Aberdeen (population 177,000)

    2013 – 212,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Rochdale (population 212,000)

    2014 – 300,000 The equivalent of a city larger than Southampton (population 252,700)

    2015 – 300,000 The equivalent of a city larger than Southampton (population 252,700)

    2016 – 246,000 The equivalent of a city the size of Wolverhampton (population 249,000)

    The net immigration figures have been obtained from the ONS and are accurate. They illustrate the scale of the problem. Populations the size of cities such as Derby, Plymouth, or Southampton have been arriving here to stay each year against the wishes of the silent majority. The majority of the electorate of England have voted against further immigration since the general election in 2005. (More people have voted Conservative than any other party.) The majority of the electorate of the UK have voted against further immigration at the general elections in 2010, 2015, and 2017. The majority of the electorate of the UK have voted to leave the EU at the referendum in order to retain our sovereignty, limit further immigration, and regain control of our laws free from the influence of European courts. It is only fair that the moderate voice of the mainstream is heard. We can say no to further immigration because there is a mandate to do so.