Why do you want to Remain? 2017

We received a simple question this Christmas Eve, "Trying to understand why you want Great Britain and Northern Ireland to stay in the EU?" As an end of year roundup, we thought we'd publish our response as an open letter. The EU is a boost to our universities, our NHS, our industries, our jobs, our peace and our economy. That's become pretty clear this year. Here's our summary of why we think the way we do.


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Open letter to Boris Johnson MP, on Brexit opportunities for gene therapy

Dear Mr Johnson,

I read with great interest your letter of 15 September to The Telegraph entitled My vision for a bold, thriving Britain enabled by Brexit. I was thrilled to see that you chose to highlight the potential of my research field of gene therapy on this document. Quoting your words:

The NHS is a national asset whose data banks record the dizzying range of diseases that our flesh is heir to. Freed from EU regimes – often cumbersome and hard to change – we will be able to accelerate our work on gene therapy – an infant science, now taking its first faltering steps, whose potential is gigantic. Britain is already at the forefront of this, and we can lengthen our lead.

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Scientists for EU and partners respond to the UK Government’s position paper on Science




Scientists for EU, Healthier IN the EU, the European Movement UK and Britain for Europe have issued the joint response below to the government’s position paper on science:

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New Remain super-group!

Scientists for EU and our sister organisation, Healthier IN the EU have joined in partnership with European Movement and Britain for Europe to form a Remain campaign super-group, to really challenge the secretive Brexit government over the months ahead. 


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