1. Phineas Campbell

    Leaving the single market will only have any impact if you are an exporter. There is no history of governments imposing export duties. If there are additional costs or complexity importing things this will be due to the UK government action, presumably operating with a democratic mandate

    • Cahir O'Kane

      1. “Leaving the single market will only have an impact if you are an exporter”. First, what does it matter about exporters, then? After all, they are only what the wealth of the UK depends on! And second, leaving the single market will have a MAJOR impact on exporters if you are exporting to the EU – there is just the small matter of having to pass French/Irish/Dutch/etc Customs, which at present is not necessary!

      2. “Additional costs or complexity will be due to democratic UK government action”. Sorry, there are numerous complications imposed by democratic governments, called Customs controls – as explained in the article. The UK government is not going to abolish those, since this will be the only way to collect VAT and duties on imported goods. Within the EU they are not necessary since VAT collection has shifted away from borders, just like within the UK. Leaving the EU will return VAT collection to the UK/EU border, just as is the case now for imports to the UK from outside the EU.

      Please try to inform yourself about how Customs works. Believe me I’ve had to struggle with enough impenetrable forms to import materials from outside the EU, and have no wish to add imports from the EU to this as well – nor to impose these new burdens on UK exporters to the EU.

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