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There is an important bill hitting Parliament - the Customs Bill. There is a chance that Parliament can be convinced to stay in a customs union with the EU but, we need your feedback & testimonials about how leaving the customs union would interfere with scientific and medical work.

Leaving the EU and Customs Union, throws a layer of customs declaration bureaucracy onto our scientific and medical supplies. Of particular concern are those supplies that are time-sensitive, biological, hazardous or otherwise needing special packaging and transportation.


1) The import of medical isotope, Molybdenum-99, which is vital for cancer diagnoses and monitoring treatments but which has a half-life of 66 hours and is not produced in the UK. Delays at the border mean delays for patients.

2) The export of pre-mixed epoxy adhesives, on dry ice, to medical and hi-tech businesses across the EU. The glues must be used within 48 hours and any delay at the border would make this impossible. Even exporting to Norway (in Single Market but not Customs Union) is currently difficult.

We are gathering testimonials to show just how disruptive leaving the Customs Union would be. If this affects you and colleagues – either for export or import, do please fill in the form below. We will collate the submitted examples for a report we're creating on this issue and we may contact you for further information.

Please feel free also to explain the difference in burden, cost and risk between shipping to / receiving from places within the Customs Union and those outside. The contrast is important.


By clicking the button above you give Scientists for EU consent to use this entry anonymously and to contact you in order to seek explicit permissions, for example to use your name/institution in reports or connect you with interested media.

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