Monitoring Brexit vote impact on UK science

We have already heard anecdotal stories of the Brexit vote causing immediate disruption to career plans, investments, and roles in new consortia that are forming.

What we need to do at this stage is rapidly gather your concerns and changes you’re experiencing. We need to move from rumours to a set of case studies to help inform what we need to monitor and fix. Additionally, the public and media are interested now in UK science and the potential impact. It is vital for our sector to get strong representation in policy during these turbulent times – so that means public awareness of the challenges we are facing.

We want to track how the result is impacting our science and innovation Рwe need to hear from you.

So please fill in the form below and also indicate whether you would be willing for any media to contact you and discuss further – your story is still very valuable if you prefer it to be strictly confidential.


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