Our mission

Mission Statements of Scientists for EU

We believe that any debate on the UK’s continued membership of the EU must be fully informed and we intend to represent science robustly in that debate.

Science and innovation are key issues for three reasons: The first is the importance of science, research and innovation to the UK’s economic future. The second is that science is one of the EU’s greatest success stories and a key boost to our national innovation capacity. The third is that modern science and technology tackle our global challenges through international frameworks.

Science is too often overlooked in national political and economic discussion, but this cannot continue into debates about our future role in the world. Through the EU, we currently tackle many international challenges that we all face together; whether they be around health, environment, energy or other areas demanding scientific innovation.

Scientists for EU will campaign for continued EU membership and will communicate the current and future benefits of the EU to the UK via its impact on our science capacity. We will also communicate why this in turn is important to our jobs, prosperity and quality of life.

We will help the science community to form quality-checked arguments and an accurate evidence base. We will work to communicate our evidence and opinions to the public reasonably and respectfully in order to enrich the debate for all.