Pro-EU organisations

There are a great many organisations that believe we are better off remaining as full members of the EU. Scientists for EU is keen to promote those pro-EU communities and their campaigns because we are stronger together. Listed below are some of those campaigns and we are always happy to hear from more.

Please contact us to let us know about your pro-EU organisations


Academics for Europe logo

Academics for Europe represents any academic that is for EU membership for the UK. They seek to unite students and more senior academics in a campaign that aims to increase awareness among the wider public of the benefits and positive impact the UK’s EU membership has for academia and higher education.

Another Europe logo

Another Europe is a campaign for a radical ‘in’ vote – building a community that is pro-EU even while it works towards building a stronger, reformed union that can bring about the radical social change our citizens need in the UK and across Europe.

Brand EU logo

Brand EU is ‘generating a people movement for the millions that believe in European unity’ and as part of its campaign to keep Britain in the EU, is tackling many of the myths that have built up around EU membership.

Stronger In logo

Britain Stronger In Europe or ‘Stronger In’ is the official campaign for a vote to ‘remain’ in the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

 Business for New Europe logo

Business for new Europe is Britain’s leading pro-European business coalition and has long been campaigning for British businesses to get involved in a more competitive and open European market. To this end they not only want Britain to remain within the EU but also make calls for reform of the EU.

European Movement UK logo

European Movement UK is an independent, non-partisan, grassroots organisation that works to promote the idea that the UK’s brightest future lies in close partnership with its European neighbours. It is part of the European Movement International network that has been campaigning for peace, stability, better jobs and prosperity through European integration for over 70 years.

European Movement Scotland logo

European Movement Scotland is Scotland’s oldest dedicated pro-European campaigning community. They believe that the EU brings broad ranging benefits to Scotland including freedom of movement, consumer protections and reduced fares and tariffs at home and when travelling, better environmental protections, and social protections especially for workers – as well as a boost to jobs especially from Scottish exports to EU neighbours.

Greens for a better Europe logo

Greens for Europe is the official campaign by the Green Party that supports continued EU membership for Britain. They wish to see an increase in democracy within the EU and will be working towards that but they also believe that close international collaboration is the only way to tackle our global, social challenges like air pollution, food security, regulating global corporations and, of course, climate change.

Labour for a People's Vote is a grassroots campaign to change Labour Party policy on Brexit.

The People’s Vote is a grassroots campaign supported by its constituent groups including Open Britain, the European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier In, Our Future Our Choice, For Our Future’s Sake, Wales For Europe & InFacts.

The People’s Vote has cross-party political support. We have advocates in all the main UK parties and have received endorsements from across the worlds of politics, sport and the arts, as well as health professionals, students, business and trade unions.

There are more than 700,000 campaign supporters, 20,000 activists, and over a million followers on social media between these groups. And more joining every day. These activists are working in all regions across the country towards the common goal of achieving a people’s vote.

LIberal Democrats logo

Lib Dems Europe Campaign builds on the Lib Dems long history of a strong pro-EU stance and looks to bring those with classic Liberal values into the pro-EU camp. They believe that the best future for us and our children is an open, outward looking, collaborative partnership with our neighbours where we can stand tall together and work towards tackling global challenges.

New Europeans logo

New Europeans promotes the benefits of EU membership with a focus on the rights of EU citizens especially the right to freedom of movement. As such, it represents 2.5 million EU citizens that have moved to the UK to live, work or study and over 2 million UK citizens who have moved to other EU states.

NHS Against Brexit is the grassroots campaign fighting to protect UK health and social care from the negative effect Brexit would have on the country. We believe that the jobs of NHS staff from EU countries can't be threatened, that free movement and tariff-free borders are vital to get the medicines we need into the country, and that there is no Brexit dividend.

They believe that the UK is healthier in the EU.

Pro Europa logo

Pro Europa runs a broad campaign based on the EU’s benefits for jobs, trade, consumer rights, peace and democracy, collective power to get better trade deals and power to take on today’s global multi-national giants that are bigger than most individual countries.


St Andrews for Europe (SAfE) is a group run for the people of St Andrews – both students and residents. Their aims are to increase awareness of the current EU debate and upcoming EU referendum. They are aligned with a pro-EU membership objective but welcome opposing views to join and make a richer debate. Supported by the Students for Europe group as well as the Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign, we are a cross-party aimed at preserving the strength of our European Union.

Say Yes 2 Europe logo

Say Yes to Europe is dedicated to traditional, popular, grassroots action. They focus on sharing information on the benefits of EU membership for citizen rights and also on ensuring the referendum is open to all residents of the UK.

Say Yes 2 Europe Scotland

Say Yes to Europe Scotland provides a platform for a uniquely Scottish voice that is distinct from the UK-wide Say Yes to Europe community while being united in their pro-EU stance.

Scientists for EU logo

Scientists for EU was set up to ensure that the EU referendum debate included science, technology and their importance for quality jobs and a productive UK economy as well as for tackling the big social challenges of today such as an ageing population, climate change and food security. The EU is a huge benefit for scientific development and the UK currently has a global leadership position due to the level of international collaboration that is facilitated by EU membership.

UK for EU logo

UK for EU believes that it is not unpatriotic to wish Britain to be strongly aligned with its European neighbours just like it was not unpatriotic for Scots voters to want Scotland to remain within the United Kingdom in the recent Scottish independence referendum. They are fighting to prevent any misuse of terms like ‘patriot’ and ‘British values’ in this referendum.

universities for europe logo

Universities for Europe is a campaign by Universities UK that aims to put education and skills at the heart of the EU referendum. They make the case that EU membership is incredibly important for the UK’s universities and that they in turn are very important to the British people, the economy and society.

Wake Up Europe logo

Wake Up Europe Wake Up Europe is a campaign set up by the Wake Up Foundation, to facilitate a transnational debate on the future of Europe inspired by the documentary The Great European Disaster Movie. They believe in the founding principles of the EU and wish for it to continue but they also believe in the need for reform and to ‘rescue the EU from itself’. They aim to empower ordinary people – in the UK and the rest of Europe- to come together and discuss these issues so that the future of the EU is taken out of the hands of political and media elites.

Workers' Europe logo

Workers’ Europe has the following aims:

Vote against UK withdrawal from the EU

Defend migrants’ rights

Oppose racism

Campaign for a workers’ Europe based on solidarity between working people.

Young European Movement logo

Young European Movement was formed in 1972 as a non-partisan platform for pro-European opinions of the under 35s. Linked to European Movement and Young European Federalists, they have a history of organising events, running campaigns and even bringing education into schools. They are volunteer run and seek to promote European integration and a stronger European Union.