We’ve been busy since May 2015, writing articles for newspapers, blogs and wherever we can get a platform for raising the case of science and technology in this EU membership referendum.

Please see below for links to our articles as well as a link to our submission to the House of Lords Select Committee in response to their call for evidence on the relationship between EU membership and UK science and technology.

We will aim to add a broader range of references in future, covering other articles related to science and EU membership.

House of Lords report on EU membership and UK science.

In September 2015, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee put out a call for evidence on the relationship between EU membership and the effectiveness of Science, Research and Innovation in the UK.

The final report has now been released!

Click here to read the final report on EU membership and UK science.


Scientists for EU in the media

The EU, now for the science bit. Wake Up Europe, 21st Jan 2016

The EU isn’t just about Westminster, we need grassroots too. The Guardian, 01 Jan 2016

Consider the damage a Brexit would do to British Science. The Independent, 24 Dec 2015

Quit the EU and risk harming the UK’s world-leading research. New Scientist, 04 Nov 2015

The clearest demonstration of why the EU offers the UK a bright future might just be… Science. Franco British Chamber, 02 Nov 2015

Scientists for EU – a campaign  to highlight why the UK needs EU membership. International Focus, 26 Oct 2015

The EU is a science powerhouse – leaving it will put us behind the US in innovation. City AM, 09 Oct 2015

Why the EU ‘out’ campaign should be worried about science. The Guardian, 09 Oct 2015

The EU is the world’s largest scientific engine and rising – and the UK is currently in the driving seat. London School of Economics, 22 Jun 2015

Brexit and science: let’s not make the same mistake as the Swiss. The Guardian, 17 Jun 2015

Why “science” is one of the most powerful arguments in the pro-EU campaign. British Influence, 8 Jun 2015

Science and the EU. Letters to the Editor, The Times, 22 May 2015

It’s time for UK researchers to stand up for the EU. Research Europe, 21 May 2015

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