Scientists for EU is primarily a grassroots social media campaign. Our supporters are the thousands of followers we have on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. where we bring them news of the campaign and update them on the issues in the debate. Many of them are scientists themselves, but many others are just interested in what scientists have to say in the referendum debate.

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We also link our grassroots movement with the support and advice of various high-profile individuals and organisations. Soon after launching, we organised this letter in The Times co-signed by Sir Paul Nurse, Lord Martin Rees, Sir Tom Blundell, Sir Philip Cambell (editor-in-Chief of Nature), Professor Dame Athene Donald and others. Some of these now sit on our Advisory Board, where we also link to other leading pro-EU campaigns.

Other institutions (eg University College London), organisations (eg Scientists for Labour) and individuals (eg Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge) have also declared their support.

We work with other pro-EU campaigns including: Universities UK, European Movement, Business for New Europe and British Influence.

If you are a university, a science policy group, an innovating firm, or any other allied organisation, please do contact us to get involved. We are looking for collaborators and financial backers.

If you’re just a regular person and really want to help, please do Donate, or get in touch to offer something creative.

Yes, we do give talks, participate in debates, etc. Again do get in touch if you are organising something and either want to invite us there or yourself set up a stall/ distribute flyers on our behalf.